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Thanks for looking in! First registered in 1991 we are amongst the first marketing websites in the world and only a handful still exist.


Splash precedes Google by one (1) year and was registered one (1 Year) after Yahoo was re-named. One needed to have some element of programming and networking skills to enter into the game.


In line with our Retro beginnings, we have attempted to preserve some earlier web stuff 1996+,  it looks pretty rugged now, but is a record of what websites looked like in the beginning.


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About Splash

What A Ride!

Splash has had a few lives.  All began as a small marketing house in Sydney in 1991. MadamSplash had already assisted the launch of more than 2000 products in a sale promotion capacity, but it was now necessary to have some technical skills to enter this yet unknown world.   DOS, SQL Language and a CNE (Networking Engineer) were the perfect skills to support the launch of major databases that would revolutionize all information handling. 

Turnkey database solutions soon arrived and these became the "little form boxes" that we now know as Content Management that drive all Programs and Apps on Device and Web Technology. 

It was a lightning speed induction, crashing through the arrival of email, exchange software and the internet in just a few years.  Focusing on marketing technology and the internet, Splash created our first studios in Cairns Queensland in 1995. 

The Future


What Now?


Longevity comes from understanding that business is a sine wave.  It is important to have the ability to shrink and expand as needed, as does our economy.


After a ten (10) year rest from running Technology Agencies Splash is finally returning (as suggested we might in 2017), though we have never stopped using our knowledge for our own purposes. 


Covid has given us the opportunity to refocus back on Australia,  we currently retain presences in Sydney, Brisbane and Hervey Bay.  


3 Decades of Splash


1995 +


The Splash Website has been used over the years for a mixture of entertainment, business and Search Engine experimentation.

Technology has changed substantially in the last 2 decades, some museum items will be hard to read or gone now, but we will leave what ever is available there until no longer legible (or insecure).


The best way to view old sites is using the Way Back Machine at archive.org, whom have stored sites since the new millennium.  Please donate when you visit.


Old Stuff




All in all, it has been a great time and was fortunate to be surrounded by some excellent people who went off to become successful in their own right.


  • Sea Cage Aquaculture Historical
  • Romance Island (2006-2012) Gone
  • Singles Dating (1998-2016)  Gone
  • Kids Pages 2002 (1997)  Hard to Read Now
  • Inner Quest Intuition and Psychodynamics Revived 2012-2020
  • Learn Internet Marketing  (2000-2013) Out dated but useful
  • Goddess Realm  2006-2015 Gone
  • Old Design Templates 1994-1998  Gone


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